Portable 3D Printed Folding Laptop Table - LTP-05
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Portable 3D Printed Folding Laptop Table - LTP-05

Category: Laptop Stand |Brand: Individual Collection


Product Type :
Laptop Table
Origin Country :
Materials :
Environmental Protection Composite Board & High quality Stainless Still.
Cabinet :
Desktop Size :
L * W * H * (24" * 16" * 11") in inche.
Use :
Bedroom, Home, Office, School , Sofa, Bed, Reading.
Quality :
Premium Quality

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Aiguille Power Solution For COD

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Mirpur Model, Dhaka, Dhaka

120 (160 Outside Area)

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A portable folding laptop table is a compact and lightweight table designed for use with a laptop computer. It is typically made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum or plastic, and is designed to be easy to carry and set up wherever you need to work. The table usually features a flat surface with a non-slip surface, which provides a stable platform for your laptop. The surface may be adjustable, allowing you to tilt it at different angles to improve ergonomics and reduce strain on your neck and back.

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