Nestle Nan Optipro 2 - 350g
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    Nestle Nan Optipro 2 - 350g

    Category: Toddler Milk (1 - under 3 yrs) |Brand: NESTLE


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    Nestle Nan
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    Milk Formula
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    NAN OPTIPRO 2 Toddler Milk Drink is a premium, nutritional milk supplement designed for toddlers from 1 year of age when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate. It contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals, and just 2 servings per day provide an average of at least 50% of the recommended dietary intake of calcium, iron, zinc, iodine and vitamins B1, B2, C, D and E. It also contains probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis, and a combination of the key, high-quality ingredients providing your child with essential nutrients, such as iron and Vitamin D to support normal growth and development.