Nestle Cerelac Wheat and Apple Corn Flakes - 400gm BIB
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    Nestle Cerelac Wheat and Apple Corn Flakes - 400gm BIB

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    Brand Name :
    Nestlé Cerelac
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    Milk Formula Cereal
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    400gm BIB

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    CERELAC Wheat & Apple with Corn Flakes contains protein, 12 vitamins and 7 minerals which are very important for baby’s physical growth and cognitive development. It also contains probiotics Bifidus BLwhich, along with immunonutrientsIron, Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, helps support babies’ natural defenses. Bifidus BL is a type of bifidobacterium which is available in bodies of babies who are breastfed. Iron helps in cognitive development. Vitamin A helps ensure good vision. Calcium and Vitamin D help in formation of strong bones. Each serving of CERELAC is nutrient dense and suitable for baby’s small tummy. CERELAC is easy to digest because of Nestlé’s unique manufacturing technology which breaks down complex carbohydrates into easily digestible, simple carbohydrates. It is free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Each serve of Cerelac provides the goodness of cereals with 18 important nutrients. It is a fortified baby cereal with milk. Ingredients CERELAC Wheat & Apple with Corn Flakes contains wheat flour, skimmed milk, sucrose, vegetable oils, corn flakes, apple, minerals, malt extract, maltodextrin, vitamins, vanillin, bifiduslactis culture and alpha-amylase INS 1100. *Remember breastmilk is the best food for babies.