Midea Q80-PRO Gas Burner - Black
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    Midea Q80-PRO Gas Burner - Black

    Category: Gas Stoves |Brand: MIDEA


    Gas Type :
    Pipe and Clam :
    Burner 1.5Ft
    Type Of Ignition :
    Auto Pulse Electric Ignition By Battery
    Burner :
    Two Heavy Brass Burner Hc-008
    Brass Burner Cap :
    Gas Supply Pressure :
    Heat Input :
    Left5.2Kw / Right5.2Kw

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    These knobs are perfectly designed and beautifully cut which adds an easiness in your daily working. The knobs have a smooth finish for added comfort as the nozzles rotate complete 360 degree. Multi Flame Sabaf Burners 1 Big Lotus and 2 Medium Lotus Burner. Outlined With Finish Glass Top, it offers a rust resistance texture while delivering long lasting performance. Cast iron pan support with Matt enameling helps the container to remain stable on the gas stove. It can steadily hold pans or pots of various sizes for uniform heating.