Midea JL1630S Water Purifier with Dispenser
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    Midea JL1630S Water Purifier with Dispenser

    Category: Water Purifiers |Brand: MIDEA


    Filter :
    Pp (Poly Propylene) Filter
    Pore Size :
    0.45 Micron
    Function :
    Remove Particles/Impurities and Silica from Water
    The Pre-Carbon Filter Removes :
    Reverse Osmosis (Ro) Is A Water Treatment Process That Removes :
    Contaminants From Water By Using Pressure To Force Water Molecules Through A Semipermeable Membrane. During This Process/The Contaminants Are Filtered Out And Flushed Away/Leaving Clean
    Post Carbon Filter :
    Using Post Carbon Filter Gets Rid Of Unpleasant Smell From Water And Enhance Water Flavour

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    With the help of this device, it eliminates viruses, parasites and bacteria without the need for chlorine and forget about pesticides and heavy metals in your drinking water. It is to be noted that only boiling the water is no longer effective for today’s water contaminants. This device uses the following methods to purify the water. Installation charge Tk. 1500/- Dhaka and Chittagong city